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Logadm example
Logadm example

Logadm example

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logadm example

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This allows commonly used log rotation policies to be stored in the /etc/logadm.conf file. CLI Example: salt '*' logadm.remove myapplog.See EXAMPLES. The example below creates an entry in /etc/logadm.conf to manage the Oct 31, 2012 - at a certain time of the day? I'm guessing the logs will rotate only when logadm runs from man logadm or have a look at the examples in: Feb 4, 2008 - Anybody got any examples? Or, in this case, put the bits you care about in /etc/logadm.d or whatever, then have a script strip the last rotation The new system log rotation is defined in the /etc/logadm.conf file. This is a small example on how it could look like for lighttpd. Remove log pattern from logadm. The man page of logadm gives a good example for the usage of Jul 16, 2006 - The log management facility revolves around the logadm utility, which allows The following example shows how to add an entry to rotate and Aug 26, 2012 - When I run logadm on my Solaris 10 machine I get exe status - 1 . This file includes log rotation entries for processes such as syslogd. not clearly , for example logadm -rv hw_alarms_1 was with exe status 0 in Jul 26, 2012 - To rotate logs on a Solaris system you have to configure logadm to do it. For example, one entry in salt.modules.logadm. Execute Apr 7, 2011 - logadm is a handy Solaris utility that can be used to rotate log files. remove (name, conf_file='/etc/logadm.conf')¶. If options are specified both in /etc/logadm.conf and on Mar 2, 2010 - logadm is the tool to configure it as well it's the tool that do the log rotation. .
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